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Buy Bra with molded cups Dark Blue. Milavitsa.
Buy Bra with molded cups Dark Blue. Milavitsa.

Bra with molded cups Dark Blue. Milavitsa.

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Milavitsa. Bra with molded cups Dark Blue. The bra by Milavitsa brand of the Classic collection. The bra made of non-elastic lace and elastic knitted fabric, on the frames. Cups made of 4-layer laminated fabric. Without foam. Inside are lined with cotton. the best choice for those who love weightless, light, breathable underwear.
32% Cotton, 60% Polyamide, 8% Elastane
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Size Guide Lingerie

How to take your measurements?

Bra SizeBand, Under BustCup, Over BustBand, Under BustCup, Over Bust
32D28-30 in35-36 in71-76 cm89-91 cm
34D30-32 in37-38 in76-81 cm94-97 cm
36D32-34 in39-40 in81-86 cm99-102 cm
38D34-36 in41-42 in86-91 cm104-107 cm
40D36-38 in43-44 in91-97 cm109-112 cm
42D38-40 in45-46 in97-102 cm114-117 cm
44D40-42 in47-48 in102-107 cm119-122 cm
32DD/E28-30 in36-37 in71-76 cm91-94 cm
34DD/E30-32 in38-39 in76-81 cm97-99 cm
36DD/E32-34 in40-41 in81-86 cm102-104 cm
38DD/E34-36 in42-43 in86-91 cm107-109 cm
40DD/E36-38 in44-45 in91-97 cm112-114 cm
42DD/E38-40 in46-47 in97-102 cm117-119 cm
44DD/E40-42 in48-49 in102-107 cm122-124 cm
32DDD/F28-30 in37-38 in71-76 cm94-97 cm
34DDD/F30-32 in39-40 in76-81 cm99-102 cm
36DDD/F32-34 in41-42 in81-86 cm104-107 cm
38DDD/F34-36 in43-44 in86-91 cm109-112 cm
40DDD/F36-38 in45-46 in91-97 cm114-117 cm
42DDD/F38-40 in47-48 in97-102 cm119-122 cm
44DDD/F40-42 in49-50 in102-107 cm124-127 cm
32DDDD/G28-30 in38-39 in71-76 cm97-99 cm
34DDDD/G30-32 in40-41 in76-81 cm102-104 cm
36DDDD/G32-34 in42-43 in81-86 cm107-109 cm
38DDDD/G34-36 in44-45 in86-91 cm112-114 cm
40DDDD/G36-38 in46-47 in91-97 cm117-119 cm
42DDDD/G38-40 in48-49 in97-102 cm122-124 cm
44DDDD/G40-42 in50-51 in102-107 cm127-130 cm
32H28-30 in39-40 in71-76 cm99-102 cm
34H30-32 in41-42 in76-81 cm104-107 cm
36H32-34 in43-44 in81-86 cm109-112 cm
38H34-36 in45-46 in86-91 cm114-117 cm
40H36-38 in47-48 in91-97 cm119-122 cm
42H38-40 in49-50 in97-102 cm124-127 cm
44H40-42 in51-52 in102-107 cm130-132 cm
32I28-30 in40-41 in71-76 cm102-104 cm
34I30-32 in42-43 in76-81 cm107-109 cm
36I32-34 in44-45 in81-86 cm112-114 cm
38I34-36 in46-47 in86-91 cm117-119 cm
40I36-38 in48-49 in91-97 cm122-124 cm
42I38-40 in50-51 in97-102 cm127-130 cm
44I40-42 in52-53 in102-107 cm132-135 cm
32J28-30 in41-42 in71-76 cm104-107 cm
34J30-32 in43-44 in76-81 cm109-112 cm
36J32-34 in45-46 in81-86 cm114-117 cm
38J34-36 in47-48 in86-91 cm119-122 cm
40J36-38 in49-50 in91-97 cm124-127 cm
42J38-40 in51-52 in97-102 cm130-132 cm

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Bra with molded cups Dark Blue. Milavitsa.
Bra with molded cups Dark Blue. Milavitsa.
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