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Universal, elastic, classic, colorful, printed, shiny, daring, erotic, fishnet, mesh, warm, for every day, under trousers, slimming, anti-cellulite.  Here is a far from complete list of adjectives about one item that appears in a woman's wardrobe in early childhood.  These are all tights.  This type of hosiery appeared in the 12th century, and gained particular popularity in the 40s of the last century thanks to the American dancer Ann Miller.  The name "tights" came to us along with a fashionable product from the Czech Republic in the mid-60s.

Types of tights in the online store
The Milavi online boutique ( was established in 2022 as a trading partner of the Giulia knitwear factory.  The factory annually produces over 3.5 million pairs of the highest quality tights for 50 well-known Private labels, whose offices and design bureaus are located all over the world.
We have the GIULIA ™ trademark in our store.  These tights are in constant demand.  They are constantly exported to Austria, Great Britain, Germany, Ireland, Spain, USA, Lithuania, Canada and many other countries.  The sales success and strong demand for this brand of tights is supported by the constant renewal of the assortment, which takes place 2 times a year and takes into account world fashion trends.
 GIULIA women's tights
 In the assortment of the GIULIA tights brand, where there are models for all occasions, tights lines are always popular:
  • Happy - with a standard fit for every day;
  • Bon Voyage and Lucky Cotton - for the cold season;
  • Slim, Effect-up and Impresso - with a slimming effect;
  • Effect Up Micro - anti-cellulite and buttock tightening effects;
  • Amalia - "pea" prints;
 Mama - very high fit and support for the belly of pregnant women.
 All models of Julia tights, including capsule mainstream Flash collections, are premium quality at affordable prices.

 GIULIA women's tights
 First of all, it is the result of the innovative work of designers and engineers.
  •  Class and Solo - especially thin and transparent hosiery, supporting mid-rise shorts, tight toes;
  • Vita Bassa - tight shorts with cotton gusset and low rise;
  • Charm - wide mid-rise waistband, reinforced toe;
 Lana, Thermo and Velor - flat seams, a large gusset and a dense, but elastic and very pleasant to the touch hosiery for the cold season, where in large sizes there are inserts that support the buttocks, sides and stomach.
All models of GIULIA tights - increased comfort, taking into account the anatomy of the female body.
Benefits of buying from Milavi (
Premium quality of GIULIA tights This is an independent quality control of all stages of the full production cycle, BSCI, SMETA, DETOX, AQL II, OEKO-TEX certificates.  The safety of wearing tights is confirmed by the observance of the Oeko Tex 100 standard, the official accreditation of the painting laboratory, the introduction and enforcement of a ban on the use of metal components in the production.
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