Yes, the material is particularly elastic, it stretches perfectly in any direction.

The unique properties determined the area of ​​use of matter - the production of costumes for circus performers, gymnasts, as well as for tailoring sports leotards and theatrical outfits.


The history of the creation of the material

The 20th century is significant in that a large amount of research was carried out to create new textile materials with improved performance. For the first time, figure-hugging knitwear was discovered by the famous Coco Chanel.

In the process of connecting threads from different materials, supplex fabric was created, ideal for swimming suits, for sports.


In the manufacture of fabric, 4-12 synthetic fibers are used. For example:

  • lycra threads;
  • lurex;
  • microfiber;
  • nylon.

Symbiosis of threads in percentage can be different. Matter composition has a variety of operational properties.


Biflex fabric with increased inclusion of lycra threads (approximately 80%) is characterized by high elasticity: it stretches three times its original size. The presence of microfiber in the composition makes the matter water-repellent. And lurex fibers provide shine.


Matter is mass-produced, supplied from Egyptian, Turkish factories.

fabric advantages

The versatility of knitted fabric makes it in demand. Among the advantages are:


  • Elasticity. The canvas can be pulled in any direction, after which the matter will instantly take its original shape.
  • Convenience. Supplex does not constrain movements and allows you to move freely.Universal size. Due to the ability to stretch well in any direction, such clothes fit the largest sizes, starting with small ones.
  • Easy care. Ironing is not required if the jersey is dried properly. Also, pellets do not form on the matter.
  • Strength. Supplex does not lose brightness under the influence of ultraviolet radiation and holds back up to 50 washes. Retains original qualities and aesthetics.
  • Convenience of wearing. Knitted clothes fit the figure like a second skin, do not rub, do not bubble on the folds. The material wicks away moisture very well. The fabric is soft to the touch and pleasant to the touch.
  • A wealth of colors and designs. Knitwear is given any shades, even neon. They create the effect of gloss, as well as matte and sparkling, apply various prints.

 Speaking of the pros, one cannot fail to mention the safety of the fabric. It is non-toxic and, thanks to its smooth surface, does not cause irritation or allergies.

The disadvantages are minor, so supplex is in demand among consumers.

Characteristics and properties of the material


Biflex fabric has unique properties. This is:

  • Reliability and extensibility. The material stretches well in different directions, by 300%, and does not tear.
  • Does not wrinkle, does not shrink when washed.
  • Water repellent effect. There are no stains on the fabric.
  • Perfectly fits the body.
  • High density (70–220 g per 1 m²). Matter does not shine through.
  • Ease of maintenance. Bodyflex can be simply washed in warm water using non-aggressive powders.
  • Pleasant in texture, smooth to the touch.
  • It accepts various colors without problems, does not lose color for a long time, does not lose brightness under sunlight, does not shed.
  • For a long time does not lose aesthetics (even if the matter often stretches, it does not sag or deform).
  • On the market today you can find 250 types of flowers in one tone, as well as varieties with a variety of effects: matte, with shine, with drawings, decor.
  • When choosing high-quality products, it is correct to look at the label, which describes in detail the composition of the biflex material. Almost all fabric components are synthetic.

The composition of the supplex can be:

Lycra. Well-stretching synthetics made of polyurethane fibers, which increases by 6-8 times, does not change at all, does not deform. Lycra is also resistant to dirt and bleach. This material is also called spandex or elastane. Interestingly, the Spider-Man costume from the legendary movie is made of spandex.

Lurex. "Metallic" thread that adds shine. It is also created from a chemical film, the shade of which is given by a unique glue. Traditionally, lurex is added to other materials to give a "sparkle". A separate type of matter is not produced from this knitwear, since it is characterized by strong rigidity and is not strong at the same time.

Microfiber. Material made of polyester threads, wrinkle-resistant, durable, wear-resistant. The fabric does not shed or roll, dries almost instantly and does not absorb water, sweat.

Nylon. Material made of polyamide fibers, durable and moisture-absorbing material - synthetics.


Supplex of different composition is actively used, it is indispensable in the tailoring of ammunition for athletes, for gymnasts and swimmers, synchronized swimmers.

Supplex care: recommendations

 If you carry out quality care, then things can be carried for a long time. The rules are simple:

  • recommended hand wash or in the machine at a temperature of no more than 20-30 ° C;
  • it is forbidden to wring out: only a little with your hands, without twisting;
  • for drying, the item can be laid out on a horizontal surface or hung on clothespins so that water flows around spontaneously;
  • bleach is not used, it is better to take gentle laundry detergents;
  • ironing is allowed with a slightly heated iron through moistened gauze;
  • you can not dry on the battery, it will ruin the thing.


If minor stains are observed, they can be removed with a cloth soaked in warm water.

Material reviews

Consumers love the beauty of supplex items. They are happy to buy swimwear and clothes for professional sports from this jersey. Some women of fashion wear leggings daily, combining with different bows.