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European products
original design of underwear
European products
original design of underwear
European products
original design of underwear
European products
original design of underwear

Milavi is a guarantee of comfort for every woman.

High Quality Products

In our store there are brands MilaVitsa, Anabel Arto and GIULIA.

MilaVitsa is a lingerie brand with a half-century history, one of the leading manufacturers of corsetry products in Eastern Europe. The company's products are successfully sold in more than 25 countries around the world with high quality and original design. MilaVitsa underwear is one of the top 10 brands in the world.

The creators of MilaVitsa have been studying what a woman wants for several decades. They researched and developed, creating models of lingerie and swimwear that are more comfortable and at the same time prettier and sexier with each new collection.

Regardless of the size of your chest or hips, you will always find the answer to your needs in the MilaVitsa range of lingerie. Following the latest trends, using the most delicate materials - cotton, lace, stylish prints, mesh and embroidery, the designers are the work of lingerie art.

High Quality Products
High Quality Products
High Quality Products

The Alisee line is a French brand. The products of this line use natural silk and expensive premium lace, Superfine viscose fabric and embroidery from leading Austrian, Italian, Swiss manufacturers, Swarovski crystals and other designer jewelry. All this underlines the status of Alisee products.

Line of corsetry underwear, half-sleeves, corsetry panties designed for body shaping. Modern technologies for the production of modular canvases allows women of any size to create a seductive image.

The Fashion line is a fashionable collection featuring exclusive fabrics, laces, accessories and jewelry. Sets from this collection are distinguished by a variety of colors. It uses multicolor embroidery and lace fabrics, jacquard, structured and laminated fabrics, appliques and pendants, as well as innovative technologies for processing seams and cuts.

The Classic line offers bras from modern plain or lace fabrics, mesh embroidery in classic (white, nude, black) and several complementary colors. All bras are completed with panties made of the same cloth, so there is always an opportunity to create a set for a quite good price.

In the line "Mama" there are nursing bras equipped with a detachable part of the cup.

Swimwear under the MILAVITSA trademark are in deserved demand among our women. They, just like underwear, allow you to favorably emphasize the shape of a woman and are designed for a wide range of sizes. The quality of the Italian canvases from which the swimsuits are made allows them to be used for more than one season. They do not fade, do not fade in the sun, the high content of lycra fiber in bathing cloths allows you to use the properties of bathing suits for a long time.


About Anabel Arto… Be a woman… shine, shine… charge the whole world with your confidence… passion and be brave… stay feminine…

Anabel Arto is a brand dedicated to women's development. We not only create a white bottom, but we can also show our natural quality and elegance.

 Helping a woman look perfect and be confident in all conditions is the goal of TM Anabel Arto. At the same time, our experience in the fashion and beauty industry proves that exquisite models can be attractively priced.

The original collections created by our group of technologists, designers and designers are based on a unique and creative approach. The spirit of unity, enthusiasm and desire of our team to open new horizons - these are the sparks that ignite the hearts of customers who are not indifferent to our brand.

 Create an Empire with us ...... Empire of a Woman!

GIULIA stands for quality and the best value for money you can find anywhere in the world.

 The creators of GIULIA say about themselves like this: “Our strength is flexibility. We adapt ourselves and our products to your needs.

We are constantly developing, working with the best production equipment and delivering first-class textiles. We launch fashion collections 4 times a year, follow the trends and set them, but all at a great price! This is our real strength!".

Company Milavitsa creates lingerie
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one of the largest corsetry manufacturers in Eastern Europe
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one of the largest corsetry manufacturers in Eastern Europe
The company's products are successfully sold
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The company's products are successfully sold
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